Looking for a Creative Job? Here’s Some Options

Working a traditional 9-5 job is not for everyone, especially if you simply do not find the prospect of clocking in and clocking out of an office for 30 years appealing. If you have always thought of yourself as creative and you’re interested in tuning into your own creative strengths, there are many different career options and possibilities to consider and keep in mind. When you are ready for a change in your own life and you want to use your creative strengths, familiarizing yourself with new potential job opportunities can spark the inspiration you need to make positive and hopeful changes in your everyday life.

A Beauty Specialist

If you’ve always had noticeable creative strengths and you enjoy working with hair and makeup, you can consider enrolling in a local beauty school to work as a cosmetologist or as a beauty specialist, depending on the interests you have and your own skills. Going to school for hair and makeup can be done even if you are on a limited budget or if you are unable to travel to a local university or college at the time. Working as a beauty specialist is a way for you to do so whether you prefer to work out of a salon, your own home, or if you’ve always had dreams of owning and operating a salon of your own.

If you want to work as a beauty specialist, it is advisable to immerse yourself in the industry of beauty to determine which areas of interest are most appealing to you. From working with hair and eyelash extensions to understanding contouring and makeup techniques, there are many different facets of the beauty industry to consider learning about based on the type of work or career you envision for yourself. To learn more about how to become a cosmetologist or a beauty specialist, you can also immerse yourself in local beauty groups and communities or join them online from the comfort of your own home.

Finding a beauty school is also possible by asking those you know for referrals to different beauty schools near you while also comparing your options online with the use of local search engine results. Searching for beauty schools online is a way to compare pricing, location, and itineraries of specific programs that may be appealing to you. When you take the time to research beauty schools in your own area online, you can also read reviews and testimonials to find a school that is well-liked, professional, and reputable in your area before choosing to enroll in the program that is right for you.

Become an Arborist

If you are someone who enjoys working outside and in nature and you want to lean into your creative strengths, consider working as an arborist. Working as an arborist and offering landscaping or even a tree service for those who are interested in removing or planting trees around their home is a great way to spend most of your days outdoors. Becoming an arborist does not require a lengthy and robust degree program, but it will likely require the ability to become certified in working with a wide range of tools and pieces of equipment, depending on the type of work you intend to do when you are working as an arborist.

If you have dreams of working with trees and plants and you want to do so on your own time independently or by starting your own business, it is important to take some time to research different methods of working as an arborist based on the state and region you are in at the time. Some states may have different legal requirements for those who are interested in working as an arborist, depending on the type of work you intend to do and the clients you prefer representing. You will need to understand the exact specifications and requirements for you to begin working with various tools and methods of removing trees, whether you intend to do so for residential or commercial clients in your city and state.

Custom Furniture Painting

If you want to display your creative strengths while you’re working and offering work for your clients and customers, you may want to consider going into the industry of custom furniture painting. From painting custom cabinetry to kitchens, or potentially some unique baby bedroom furniture, there are many different ways to break into the industry of custom furniture painting, whether you intend to do so as a side gig or if you’re interested in building a full-time business with your new venture. When you want to create a name for yourself as a custom furniture painter, you will need to do so by fleshing out a portfolio and developing a presence, both locally and online.

Creating a name for yourself as a custom furniture painter is not likely to be an overnight endeavor, but it is possible with enough hard work and dedication. One of the fastest ways to make a name for yourself as any type of professional painter is to do so by developing an online presence. Creating an official website and building social media pages as an artist is one of the quickest ways to maximize your reach and online visibility, especially if you are just breaking into the industry of painting professionally for the first time on your own.

Using your official website and your social media pages is optimal for sharing the type of work you do, professionally and personally, depending on the painting you’re interested in. You can also use your social media presence and official website to promote certain sales, discounts, and offerings based on the time of year you are working and the type of painting you are providing to locals in your community. Building a name for yourself has never been easier or more affordable than with free social media platforms such as Facebook, which allow you to easily and instantly upload photos and even videos of the furniture you have painted to showcase your hard work, skills, and abilities.

Flip Homes

If you want to use your creative strengths to make a great living, you may want to go into the real estate market by flipping homes. Building your own home remodeling company or flipping homes as an independent investor is a way for you to learn the ins and outs of the real estate industry in a short period of time. If you are thinking of investing in homes but you are unsure of where to begin, there are many different local and online resources that you can turn to in order to ensure you are on the right track.

Flipping homes can be done in just about any state in the US and in many other countries around the world. If you want to learn about flipping homes in your own state, you will need to take some time to become familiar with any current laws or regulations that are in place where you live and where you intend to invest in and flip homes. Some states and regions are much more relaxed when it comes to zoning laws, regulations, and restrictions, which is why it is imperative to know the law where you intend to invest, especially if you intend to do so for the first time on your own.

If you want to learn even more about house flipping, you can also do so by attending local seminars and networking events near you, depending on where you live and where you plan to flip homes. Joining different online communities will also provide you with the knowledge and insight you may need to make an offer on a home you are interested in at the time. Joining various online communities and groups is also a way for you to ask questions while getting to know even more about the legalities that may be involved in the house-flipping and investment processes.

A Goldsmith

If you enjoy working with jewelry and you are intent on leaning into your own creative strengths, you can do so by working to become a goldsmith. Working with different types of jewelry, from classic chains and necklaces to an engagement ring is a way to have a meaningful impact on the lives of your customers while helping them take care of keepsakes that are most important to them. If you want to become a goldsmith, you can do so by immersing yourself in the world of working with metal and familiarizing yourself with the tools to do so on your own or even with your own business.

A Dog Trainer

For animal lovers, working as a dog trainer is one option to free yourself from the traditional 9-5 office job way of life. Working with animals on a daily basis is not only a way for you to pursue creative endeavors as your source of income, but it can also be a form of emotional therapy. Whether you are interested in assisting disabled dogs or learning how to provide dog obedience training, you can do so by working for a local company that is hiring or by becoming certified and insured to do so on your own independently.

Design Outdoor Living Spaces

Anyone who enjoys decorating and designing can lean into their creative strengths by learning how to create unique outdoor living spaces. Designing outdoor living spaces for clients is a great way to stay updated with the latest trends while also working in a more fluid and creative environment with each new job and task you take on. If you’re working with decks as aor if you specialize in lighting, decor, and the atmosphere of a space, there are many unique ways to go about breaking into the outdoor design space and industry today as a patio builder.

Video Editing

If you are someone who is interested in tech and seeking to lean into your creative strengths, you may want to consider a career in video editing. From creating movie trailers to developing shorts for various online platforms, there are many job opportunities for those with the skills and vision of today. Working as a video editor does not require a degree, although attending film school can help you understand the fundamental elements of working with film and various types of film, equipment, and software today.

Becoming a video editor can be done by immersing yourself in the top programs for editing today while also creating projects of your own, and building a portfolio. Showcasing your portfolio of completed video projects is one of the fastest ways to attract the eyes of prospective clients or, in some cases, even employers. Creating an online presence with an official website and portfolio can also have a significant impact on your job search once you begin to seek new opportunities, clients, and employers to work for in the future.


Working as a copywriter is also much easier today with the transition to remote work. Whether you enjoy crafting marketing copy or prefer writing press releases, you can do so from the comfort of your own home or from just about any location with an internet connection when you choose to pursue a career as a copywriter. Working as a copywriter may not typically require a degree, but it may require in-depth knowledge of English (or your preferred native tongue) and its grammatical rules.

Once you make the decision to begin working as a copywriter, you can do so by seeking clients online or locally. Developing a portfolio and sharing your published works with the world can help you make a name for yourself. Building an official website will also help prospective clients and employers to take you seriously.

Leaning to one’s own creative strengths is a great way to find the spark needed for inspiration if you are seeking a new job or career. Whether you’re tired of the standard 9-5 job you currently have or you’re seeking more freedom and flexibility, learning more about different types of popular creative career opportunities can go a long way and have a significant impact on your future. Once you become well aware of your own creative strengths and abilities, you can move forward with your move and transition to a new creative career feeling comfortable with and confident in your decisions along the way.

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