How to Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel She’s Loved

Many scientific proofs show the close relationship of a mother to her unborn child. When a pregnant woman feels depressed, the risks for pre-term delivery and low birth weight are high. And when she’s happy, it’s likely that her baby is feeling blissful as well.

Maintaining your wife or partner’s good mental and emotional health is crucial to the well-being of the baby. So make sure your baby comes out of your wife’s womb healthy and happy, and make his mom feel pretty and loved. Your approach doesn’t even need to be elaborate, like doing chores around the house. Of course, you can also go all out with a beautiful collection of her photos enhanced with some professional photo touch up service.

So here are ways to make your pregnant wife feel pretty and loved:

1. Telling her she’s beautiful still works

Despite what you might think, simply telling your pregnant wife that she’s beautiful can still turn her frown upside down. Sometimes women just need a little encouragement and when she’s feeling bloated because of her pregnancy even a few words of praise can already lift her spirits.

2. Cook and clean for her

Women like to be pampered, especially when they’re carrying a child in their wombs. Your pregnant wife will think you’re the best person in the world if you do something as trivial as cook for her and clean up after her.

So ask her what food she wants to eat and start cooking it. And while she’s eating, make sure that she’s as comfortable as possible. Bring her food to her bed if she doesn’t feel like getting up.

And when she’s done eating clean up after her. Wash the dishes, clean her clothes and make sure that her environment is as pristine as possible. Women also develop this cleaning habit when they’re pregnant in preparation for the baby, so clean up the nursery as well.

3. Massage her


Your pregnant wife will be sore all over now and then due to the baby growing inside her womb. Oftentimes, her back and feet will feel sore. A massage will be beneficial for her, but make sure to do it right. Some risks come with prenatal massage.

And while you’re massaging the sore areas in her body, play something soothing for her to listen to. Look for those instrumental songs you often hear in spa facilities, which are very relaxing.

4. Take her shopping

Women find shopping to be therapeutic and this hasn’t changed for your pregnant wife. So take her to the shopping mall now and then and let her pick out the clothes she wants to wear. She’ll be conscious about her figure so try not to point out the maternity clothes to her too much.

If she wants to check out maternity clothes, let her. If she doesn’t, don’t force it on her. The reason for bringing her to a shopping mall is so that she can find stuff that will make her happy, so just follow her lead.

5. Love her like it was yesterday

If you really want your pregnant wife to feel loved and pretty just look back at the times when you guys were still dating. When you were still dating you had so many ideas on how to make your lady feel pretty and loved. Back then you sent her flirty messages out of the blue just because you loved it when you made your lady blush.

So, do that again now that she’s pregnant. She’ll appreciate it more, and she’ll realize that despite her swollen feet, large baby bump and tendency to throw up in the morning your love for her is as hot as it was when you were still dating.

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